Everyday Cafe Vibes: Third Ward Edition

Kickapoo Cafe - coffee without the bite

If you're a coffee drinker like me, you've probably had at least one bad experience at a coffee shop. I'm not talking about the long lines or not being able to connect to the wifi. I'm talking about the feeling of inadequacy when you're ordering your drink. You have this helpless feeling like you don't belong there and that everyone is judging you for what you're attempting to pronounce. If you've ever felt this way and dread going into coffee shops like that, let me introduce you to my friends at Kickapoo Cafe

If it's your first time there, looks can be deceiving. The clean lines and minimal aesthetic is a complete 180 if you're used to the comfy cozy vibes of Colectivo.  However, once you get talking to any of the baristas, you will know this is an absolute no judgement zone. For me, every time is an educational moment as I learn about the origin of the bean or the different ways the beans are roasted. If you're in the Third Ward neighborhood of Milwaukee, I highly suggest you stop by my newest favorite coffee spot, and tell them Drew sent you!


Cheers, I'd love to grab a coffee with you! Hit me up @everydaydrew on Instagram!